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  1. Aqui says:

    i will be on Crete next week. I want support you…a little bit .
    Where on Crete can i buy your products?
    I will be in Sougia
    Libertarian greetings from Bremen

  2. Niko* says:

    Have a nice summer★

  3. Alice says:

    i plan a seminar from the 12.3.-16.3.15 at crete. the titel is social work – social movements and self organization. while my research i red about your project and maybe it would be nice to visit you. we are round about 30 people from germany, spain und greece.
    this is the text about the content of the seminar:
    Social Work – Social movements – self-organization
    Since the beginning of the world economic crisis in 2007 , the living conditions in Europe worsen. By the Troika declared as a ” crisis resolution ” and “necessary reforms “, neoliberal policies led in particular in southern Europe to mass poverty and precarious living conditions of people. Also in Germany all areas of life are affected because of the aggravated crisis politics.. However resistance rises, in the last few years there were a lot of protests and particularly in Greece the people went on the streets to protest against the human, social and political disaster. Also Social Work was not exempt from the neoliberalism- and commodification processes and in recent years it transformed more and more into a two-tier social work which tried to adapt to the worsening conditions. At this point the question raises again: what is the role of social work and how it is possible to do professional social work in solidarity with the user under the given conditions.. Meanwhile social movements organize themselves and resolve state social work in many areas. Soup kitchens in Greece , Social consultancy in Germany , cooperative enterprises are some examples of it. In our seminar in Greece , we want to discuss different questions : How social work can be organized so that it is acting on behalf of their User and does not support a neoliberal policy? Is it possible that ocial work and various social movements share their concepts? Which changes happend while the crises concerning to social work? Therefore we want to meet on the island of Crete. Under the slogan ‘learn from the south’ we want to discuss our questions with activists and experts to develope strategies for a solution of the human crisis.
    i would be happy to get some information from you or some tipps what we can do at crete, too.
    kind regards alice

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